Client Testimonials


Buying a house can be a very daunting and intimidating task – especially when you don’t have much experience or prior knowledge. Lucky for us, we had Suzanne O’Brien guiding and helping us each step of the way....She took the time to get to know me and my family so she could help us choose the house that would best suit our needs....Once we had found our perfect home, we were involved in a multiple offer situation with many potential buyers competing for the house. Although our offer was not the highest in dollar amount, I firmly believe it was the charm, experience and integrity of my realtor that convinced the seller to go with our offer."
-K. Sharp
“Thanks for EVERYTHING you have done for us!!! We knew you were special and wonderful with all of the time, patience, and thoughtfulness you showed when helping us find a property, but we are blown away by how far above and beyond you continue to go since we’ve gone into contract. We so appreciate the expertise you have offered throughout this process – from helping us find reputable contractors and inspectors to giving us advice about improving the house – as well as the grace you have shown working with the seller’s agent and the amount of time you have spent setting up and attending appointments. We have never worked with a realtor who is as caring, invested, organized, and responsible as you. We feel so great having you represent us, and I am so grateful that Jeremy met you at that open house all those years ago! Anyway, I just hope you know how much we appreciate you.”                                              
-K. and J. Blanchard
"My experience with Suzanne has been such a smooth and delightful experience. As a first time homebuyer, I was quite nervous and apprehensive about the whole process but Suzanne always made sure my concerns were addressed and most importantly ALWAYS made sure I was comfortable and well-informed with the decisions I made. She has a genuine quality about her that showed she was always looking after my best interest and this was always backed up with her hard work and actions. On top of this, she was very thorough in researching each property and providing as much information to us as possible. She also spent a tremendous amount of time making sure all the loose ends were accounted for....I'd very much recommend Suzanne to any potential homebuyers."
-G. Shin

"My mother is a realtor, and I grew up with very strong ideas about how things should be done in real estate. I can honestly say that our working relationship with Suzanne met or exceeded *all* of my expectations. Suzanne is a person who does things the right way. She does a beautiful job representing her clients, but that is just the beginning. She treats everyone involved in the transaction with extraordinary care, and everyone benefits from her participation. No matter how busy she was, Suzanne always made us feel like we were her most important clients."

-L. Anderson & K. Preston
"Since we were selling our home of my years and moving out of the area, it was very important we chose the right person for the job. Suzanne was ready for consultation, prepared a good comparative market analysis, extremely responsive, listens, thinks ahead and takes care of little things before the need arose. She always kept her promises. We could not have chosen a better agent. Overall we'd rate Suzanne a 10 out of 10."
-B. and P. Anderson
“Suzanne is a fabulous Real Estate Agent! She helped my husband and I sell our condo and buy our current home. She guided us easily through the complicated process. Her knowledge and expertise were a valuable resource during the sale of our home and her creativity helped us find our new home. Even after our transactions are complete, Suzanne continues to provide us with wonderful advice and resources whenever we need them. I would recommend Suzanne without hesitation to anyone I know looking for a wonderful real estate agent.”
-S. and A. Talburt